Homework 5

Some of the material is related to women’s fertility because we want our sons to be aware of it as well. Men, overall, do not know about women’s fertility, their problems, challenges and risks with the contraceptives.

We asked the students to write a summary of the videos and articles in the following links. Finally, we stressed the importance of reviewing their homework with their dad before class, to open an opportunity to talk on these subjects.

Videos about Infertility, Part 1 and 2

USCCB: A Catholic View of Reproductive Technology

Infertility: The IVF alternative

Video How the Pill kills

Side effect of the pill

The history of the pill

Videos Newsroom about the Pill

According to Planned Parenthood (please read the following answers in their website)
  • Video Fertility Awareness-Based Methods?
  • How Do Fertility Awareness-Based Methods Work?
  • What Are the Different Fertility Awareness-Based Methods?
  • How Effective Are Fertility Awareness-Based Methods?
  • What are the Disadvantages of fertility Awareness Based Methods?
According to Planned Parenthood

Video Birth Control Pills

According to Planned Parenthood

Video Morning after pill

According to Planned Parenthood

Video Abortion Pill

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