Homework 1

We asked the students to write a summary of the videos and articles in the following links. We also asked them to write any questions they might want to discuss with their classmates. We encouraged them to share their thoughts using a «round table» format (taking turns so everybody had a chance to share). Finally, we stressed the importance of reviewing their homework with their dad before class, to open an opportunity to talk on these subjects.

* This is an excellent video about the importance of exercise and its impact in our health.

How the Food you Eat Affects Your Gut

How Do Vitamins Work?

– How do Carbohydrates Impact Your Health?

– Read «Theology of His Body« by Jason Evert.

* This is a Kindle version in English, available at Amazon.

– Finish the questions in the handout for Session 1:
  • Answers for page 3 are in the book.
  • Share with your dad the answers to page 4.

– Leah Darrow: Search for Significance, Discovering Your True Worth.

– Philip Rivers: Faith, Family, and Football. 

– Philip Rivers: Chastity

– Is  «No Kissing Before Marriage» a Good Rule?

– Jason Evert: Beauty of Woman

– The naked truth about Modesty

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