Schedule Class 1

For each of these sessions, we looked for outdoor locations to include exercise in a fun, healthy and (not excessively!) challenging way. In winter, we used indoor spaces where we could exercise a little. The main purpose is that both students and fathers have multiple opportunities to interact in healthy, constructive, and memorable ways (there is no «quality time» without some «quantity time»). We also know that young men are better engaged, and participate more actively, when we alternate physical activity with the talks. Feel free to adapt these ideas to your own needs and available locations.

9:00 am – Meeting place at Moraine Park office.

9:30 amTalk 1 «True Masculinity» (and handout) followed by reflexion time between fathers and sons. We had snacks available during the talk. It is important that each student have their own Bible and Catechism to be able to participate in this talk.

11:00 am – Exercise: kayak/ boat trip.

12:30 pm – Lunch and testimonies. We had two guests: a permanent, married deacon and a single young man that had just finished his university studies. Both shared about their own vocation, how they have found out their callings, and how they live out their faith. It was very inspirational!

1:30 pm Talk 2 «Intro to Fitness». Students were told about the importance of being physically active and of pursuing a healthy, balanced life in all areas of their lives. We used the information of the video  23 and 1-2 hours to summarize scientific findings on the benefits of exercise. This video is part of the homework for this class.

2:00 pm – End of class.

Organizational Suggestions

We sent reminders via email before the first class, with a tentative schedule. In addition, we asked attendants to:

– Bring your Bible, Catechism, and pen or pencil (our handouts have space to write, but additional pages might be helpful).
– Bring lawn chairs, caps, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water bottles.
– Bring a towel in case anybody swam in the lake.

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