Dads’ Feedback

What I liked best about this class:

-I liked very much how Dr. Olivas and Dan came prepared to the class and presented the material in such a way the boys understood it.

– I liked being part of this class with my boys.

-There are many, but the most important is that it showed my children that there are other people who think like my wife and I do. It also introduced my children to like minded peers.

– Just because I kno wthe material doesnt mean that I know how to convey it; you guys did, thank you!

– The whole curriculum (sequence, material, resources, presentation) was great!


Things that made a difference in my life through this class…

– That my sons were introduced to like minded peers and that the classes provided a basis upon which I can share and develop ideas with my sons.

– After each class, it made me realized how important these things are to me.

– It made me evaluate myself.

– I thought it was a great experience for my boys.


What I found challenging was…

– Dealing with the truth.

– I had some challenges in understanding some of the scripture readings.

– The amount of reading.


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