Students’ Feedback

What I liked best about this class…

– Reading Be a Man, being with like-minded peers, relaxed atmosphere and the lunch.

– Knowing Church teaching and why it teaches that way.

– This class had formation, not just information. It was fulfilling.

– It brought information to a personal level, it was also fun.

– Reading Be a Man and getting to know other Catholic men.

– I liked learning about my religion and how to be a man the way God created me to be.

– The straight answers to questions that were presented.

– I learned how to have healthy relationships with girls and family.


Things that made a difference in my life through this class…

– Taking about sex ans NFP, when to do it and why it is good. I never heard of NFP before.

– Learning why and what the Catholic Church teaches.

– Training in how to have a good marriage, how to view girls, etc. There were many real life applications.

– How to effectively communicate to other people.

– I learned about the harmful side effects of contraception.

– Being a good man to women.

– Being more open to becoming a parent.


What I found challenging was…

– Coming out of my comfort zone: discussing questions I have wanted to know the answers to for years. I finally learned the answers and they were backed up with doctrine and common sense logic.

– Homework.

– Transforming my attitude and my own shortcomings.

– Reading all the material ahead of time.

– Asking questions, because some of this stuff makes me uncortable. Certain things I don’t like talking about, but I learned a lot, don’t get me wrong.


Any other thoughts?

– Thank you so  much, Dr. and Mrs. Olivas, Mr. Whittaker. This class has helped develop my faith and inform my questions. I loved it and wished it was longer!

– It was amazing! Try not to squeeze so much information into so few classes.

– Maybe plan for some more time because we ran out of time some classes.

– A very solid class, it was worth my time!


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